Selahaunga01 Breast feeding in public


Hi Sela, the topic you have chosen to talk about is obviously a big one and which is why it is a strong topic for audiences to hook onto and read the argument. I like the way you set out your introduction. It gives us a brief idea of what premises you are going to talk about. I also love the fact you are comparing women wearing ‘sexy’ clothes which is so revealing, where you can practically see their breasts. This is not uncomfortable for the public, then why is breast feeding. There is a lot to talk about. Hoping to see how you fit all that in just 1000 words.


Christine S. Tertiary education in New Zealand should be free


Hi Christine, this topic I personally believe is a strong topic to write an argument on. I personally think it should be free for the people of New Zealand, as many people do not want to go to further studies due to the cost. Though if it is free people will take advantage and might not give it their best and all that money funded by the government will go to a waste. I think in your introduction you should briefly just introduce your premises so the reader knows what is in store for the rest of the argument. I am looking forward to read this argument when finished as I believe more New Zealanders will be graduating from a tertiary level if there were no fees.

Anthony. Physical Education in New Zealand should be compulsory.


Hi Anthony, this particular topic is one that will surely be an interesting read. I personally am backing your side of the argument and think that physical education should be compulsory in schools. Weather it is at primary, intermediate or high school level. Children at an early age should be doing physical sports I believe, this prevents the obesity in children. Being a big kid can also be emotionally hard. Being bullied will be easier. I do not think any kind of personal believes will stop someone from being physically fit. It is all about the encouragement the kids are getting at home. If their parents set good examples I believe the kids will follow their footsteps. Looking forward to the read the complete argument.

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